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Walks & Wanderings ~ Průhonice Botanical Park

St. Wenceslas Day — September 28 — is the national holiday when Czechs honor and remember the patron saint of Bohemia as it's the anniversary of his death at the hands of his brother Boleslav way back in the year 935. The Good King (as, yes, he's that Wenceslas, so think of him kindly this Christmas caroling season) wasn't actually a king, he was a duke. But after suffering a martyr's death, Wenceslas was automatically canonized and then given an upgrade to king by Holy Roman Emperor Otto I.
And while all of this is fascinating history, the salient nugget in this from the boys' perspective is Czech Holiday, i.e. No School. Also? It was a beautiful day. Everybody outside!

Autumn colors were making an appearance. So we made our way to Průhonice Botanical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Czech National Historic Landmark just southwest of Prague. The natural park was cultivated starting back in 1885, and it's one of the largest landscaped parks in Europe.


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